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New boys impress Stateside

With Manchester City’s pre-season tour concluded, there’s pause for reflection in Tuesday’s media roundup.

The Premier League returns in less than a fortnight and after a busy tour schedule there is plenty to talk about following the three-game International Champions Cup.

James Robson of the Manchester Evening News is the man pondering all things City Stateside.

Possible incomings, analysis of all three games, youth and the Blues' title credentials are all up for a post-tour discussion in a wide-ranging piece.

And there’s also a mention for several individuals, who Robson felt impressed across the Atlantic.

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He writes: “Ederson was outstanding following his blunder against United. Guardiola looks to have found an imposing goalkeeper, with quick feet, who looks tailor made to double up as a sweeper like Manuel Neuer at Bayern Munich.

"Kyle Walker’s wide play against Tottenham - in the face of boos from his former fans - was evidence of what City’s new full backs will bring to the club.

"He and Benjamin Mendy will be given licence to pin opposition full backs in their own half with their relentless pressing.

Kevin de Bruyne destroyed Real - and in Phil Foden and Brahim Diaz, City have two academy prospects who must make the step up to the first team sooner rather than later.”

That’s it for today, but we’ll be back tomorrow with more City paper talk.

Отчёты о матчах

«Сити» - «Тоттенхэм»: события матча

«Горожане» обыграли «Тоттенхэм Хотспур» в матче Международного кубка чемпионов, проходившем на стадионе «Ниссан» в Нэшвилле и завершившемся со счётом 3:0.

«Сити» - «Тоттенхэм»: события матча

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Гвардиола доволен результатами летнего тура

Отчёты о матчах

«Горожане» разгромили «Реал» 4:1

«Горожане» разгромили «Реал» 4:1 на Международном кубке чемпионов.

Отаменди, Стерлинг, Стоунс и Диас помогли «горожанам» одержать победу над «Реалом» в предсезонном матче, проходившем в Лос-Анджелесе 27 июля 2017.