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Stones hails Ederson factor

ДЖОН СТОУНС: Защитник блокирует атаку «Шахтёра».

ДЖОН СТОУНС: Защитник блокирует атаку «Шахтёра».

John Stones has hailed the impact of Ederson since the goalkeeper's move from Benfica in the summer.

City have kept five clean sheets so far this season and the Brazilian hasn’t conceded a goal for over a month since Charlie Daniels' unstoppable opener in City’s 2-1 win away at Bournemouth.

Stones says that kind of solidity was one of the team's prime targets ahead of the new campaign and believes Ederson’s arrival has been vital in strengthening City's backline. 

“It’s credit to him,” Stones said after City’s 2-0 win over Shakhtar Donetsk.

“It’s not easy coming from another country. I wouldn’t know that but from speaking to the boys in the past who have come over to the Premier League, it’s a different culture, different language, and he’s settled quickly. 

“He’s speaking to us on the pitch - he’s a vocal presence and a presence as a person, which is credit to him.”

City’s win over Shakhtar means they have now won their opening two Champions League matches for the first time and sit three points clear at the top of Group F.

The Ukrainian side had the better of the opening stages – but City’s superb second-half display saw them earn three vital points.

Qualification is now in sight and Stones says a win and a clean sheet against Shakhtar represents a fine night's work. 

“We knew they were a good team,” he said.

“We did our research on them and we knew they could play out from the back. It’s one of the first team that’s come to the Etihad and played like that.

“I thought our high pressing was brilliant and we stopped them getting out, which is credit to the boys up top.

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“We knew they were a great side and we showed them a lot of respect.

“We’ve had that mentality in each game, taking each game as it comes. There’s no easy games.

“For the fans and the people who didn’t know about Shakhtar, I think they came here and showed what they’re about and that’s why they’re in the Champions League.

“It’s a massive bonus for us we beat them and got a clean sheet again.

“We need to keep carrying that on, getting clean sheets.

“It gives us a good platform to go on and go and score at the other end.”

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